U.S. Customs Forms

  • Customs Power of Attorney – Customs Power of Attorney
  • ISF Agreement – In order for Henry E. Kloch & Co to process and file your ISF, we must have your signed agreement on file. Please print your company name on page one in the space provided. Please sign, date and print your name and title on page four. We will provide you with a copy with our signature after receipt of yours. We will only need the agreement one time.

    Enforcement of the ISF rules appears to have begun with penalties being issued for late filings. Because there is often a huge backlog at Customs, penalties in some ports for shipments arriving two summers ago are going out now. It is imperative that your ISFs are filed accurately and timely.

  • Form 5106 – Customs notification of importer number or change of address
  • Form 3311 – American Goods Returned
  • Form 3299 – Declaration for free treatment of unaccompanied articles
  • Single country declaration – Single country declaration

FDA Forms

  • Form 766 – Permit to relabel or manipulate regulated products
  • Form 2541 – FCE filing form for foreign manufactures of low acid canned foods
  • Form 2541a – SID filing form for low acid canned foods
  • Form 2541c – Food process filing for low acid asceptic systems
  • FD2877 – Declaration for importation of radiation emitting electronics

10+2 Importer Security Filing Forms

USDA Forms

EPA Forms

  • Form 3520-21 – EPA form for off road vehicles and engines
  • Form 3520-1 – EPA form for on road vehicles and engines

U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Forms

Fish and Wildlife Forms